This page will provide a brief overview of how to properly use your abilities to deal damage to a breakbar. If you need to figure out what a breakbar is, please refer to this page.

<aside> ⚠️ Hint: Wiping, downing, or losing time because of failed mechanics that need CC decreases your personal DPS!


Dragonhunter CC

That means that one Power Dragonhunter can always do a solid 450 breakbar damage or 750 if you use your Bane Signet. However, using it decreases your DPS a bit but dealing with CC quickly usually results in more overall DPS as there is more time to deal damage so don't be greedy!

If you notice you're pressing Bane Signet frequently like on Samarog or Slothasor, you can run Perfect Inscriptions instead of Righteous Instincts to share your Bane Signet with your party after using it! Try to use Bane Signet towards the end of the breakbar to make sure your group benefits the most from the buff. To give some perspective:

Your CC in Raids

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