This page will provide a brief overview of how to properly use your abilities to deal damage to a breakbar. If you need to figure out what a breakbar is, please refer to this page.

<aside> ⚠️ Hint: Wiping, downing, or losing time because of failed mechanics that need CC decreases your personal DPS!


Your CC

That means that one Heal Druid can always do an insane amount of breakbar damage. Quick Draw can be utilized for even more CC potential. Usually, it's a good idea to focus on the CC mechanic instead of healing or boons. In most cases, those will be irrelevant once CC fails.

With a usual setup, 932 breakbar damage of hard cc can be achieved. If replacing Iboga with Rock Gazelle, this goes up to 1014. If you’re really serious, get a Superior Sigil of Paralyzation for even more CC.

<aside> 🔥 However, you can also run the Marksmanship Traitline to gain even more CC. This is especially nice for Samarog, Gorseval & Sabir. Click below for more details.


So to give some perspective:

Your CC in Raids

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