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Crowd Control is an essential mechanic of various areas of Guild Wars 2. Unfortunately, many players underestimate it or struggle to identify their possibility to contribute to Crowd Control. This page breaks down what you have to know about break bars in Raids & Fractals.

What is a break bar?

A break bar is a mechanic used by some enemies that restrict the use of crowd control effects (CC) against them. Enemies in Raids and Fractals usually have different mechanics related to the Defiance bar, ranging from interrupting their current attack to making them vulnerable to damage.


This breakbar is locked, meaning no CC can be applied.


This breakbar is vulnerable, CC can be applied.


This breakbar is recovering, meaning CC might soon be required again.

What's the problem with break bars?

Usually, people do not value their CC properly or think their contribution isn't meaningful. However, break bars are designed to be a group effort. Everyone can contribute and everyone should. It's also common for everyone to expect that someone else will deal with it, ending in a failed CC.

Faster CC almost always results in higher overall DPS and a faster boss kill.

How do I do CC with...

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